Game UI

General Overview of UI Querks

This game has some unusual qualities to the UI (due to the fact that controller support was added in later; the game was primarily mouse driven before that). for more detail on any of these, see the sections below this list. In general keep in mind:

  • Certain prompts (confirmation, tutorial, hand card selection, etc) require you to hit proceed to get out of them. For confirmation prompts, you can also hit cancel to back out. Note that this is not always the case.
    • Note that if you have the disable confirm for single card selection option on, you do not have to hit proceed after selecting a card.
  • Nearly everything has contextual actions mapped to the various controls. For example, hitting top panel/x/square will allow you to delete a save slot and proceed/y/triangle will allow you to rename that slot.
  • For the options screen, for some reason you have to move the right stick left and right to adjust the volume sliders (or ctrl left/right by default on keyboard).
  • In many circumstances a grid or hand card select screen will appear. Note that this is not the normal turn play card from hand screen. For example an instance of this is playing warcry (where you have to select a card to put on top of your draw pile). You need to hit proceed to exit this screen after selecting cards. For the hand card select screens, they are laid out in two rows (top row is cards selected, bottom row is cards in hand).

Confirmation Prompts

Prompts such as the abandon run prompt provide a yes/no option. To confirm one of these prompts, use the proceed input. to cancel one, use the cancel input.

Hand Card Select

Hand card select prompts consist of two rows. The bottom row contains the cards you can select from; the top row contains cards that have been selected. You can hit confirm on a card in the top row to deselect it. Once done, you can hit proceed (y/triangle/e) to confirm your selections.

The menus overall work as expected, however:

  • In the main menu, you can get to your save slots by hitting the map input (back/select/m).
    • In the save slots menu, hitting top panel (x/square/t) will allow you to delete a save slot and hitting proceed (y/triangle/e) will allow you to rename one.
  • Character Select
    • hitting proceed (y/triangle/e) will toggle ascension mode, master deck and exhaust view inputs (the bumpers or d and f for keyboard) will change the ascension level.
  • Custom Run
    • Top panel (x/square/t) will toggle ascension mode, deck view and exhaust view (the bumpers or d and f for keyboard) will change ascension level
    • Proceed (y/triangle/e) to start the run
  • Settings Screen
    • This menu is laid out in a very inconsistent grid of two columns. Moving between items is not always consistent, especially when switching columns. This is not an issue with the mod but appears to be related to how the controller support for the game is implemented.
    • You can change tabs with the deck and exhaust inputs (bumpers or d or f on keyboard). Be very careful in the controls tab however as it is not supported by the mod yet.
    • Buffer controls next/previous (right stick left/right or ctrl left/right arrow) change volume sliders
  • In-run pause menu/settings screen
    • To abandon a run, hit proceed (y/triangle/e)
    • to return to the main menu without abandoning the run, hit discard (rt/r2/w)
  • Singing Bowl Relic requires exhaust view input (rb/r1/f)

Game UI

The game, both in battle and outside of it, is laid out in a grid.

Top Panel

The top panel takes up the top part of the screen and holds a number of your resources, such as your relics. You can get to it at any time by pressing top panel (x/square/t). You will have to do this to review other buffers if the map is currently showing. The top panel is always visible, regardless of whether the map, battle, or an event is currently displayed.

  • The top row holds your player hp, your gold, your potions, and the ascension level (if applicable).
  • The second row shows all of your relics


The battle screen is laid out as follows, from bottom to top:

  • Your hand
  • the second row shows the player and monsters
  • the third row shows any orbs and orb slots (if applicable; if not this row is not there)
  • the top panel

When you play a card that does not require a target, you must hit the confirm button again in order to play it. If a target is required however you can just select it without having to double the input.