Important Notes

Important: Achievement Enabler and Game Leaderboards

When the game is launched in a modded state, achievements and daily run leaderboard submissions are disabled by default. The game tracks the state of certain achievements to determine when some characters are unlocked, so it is important that you enable achievements with the Achievement Enabler mod linked below.

Important: Cloud Saves

When the game is launched via ModTheSpire using the mts_steam.cmd file, it does not run all of the usual Steam functions that would be run if the game was launched normally. As a result, your game data is not automatically backed up to the Steam Cloud. To fix this, run the game normally and select the option to upload your data. This prompt should load as a standard html page, however it may not and OCR may be required. You can copy the json files from the game directory to manually back up your saves as an alternative. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to have data periodically back up with Steam itself. Make sure to do this somewhat frequently or you will lose your progress should you lose the local save files.

Settings not Saving

There is a bug related to game settings not saving. The game does not seem to trigger settings being saved when you adjust some specific settings, namely the three volume sliders. To get these settings to save, toggle one of the settings checkboxes (such as ambience). this should trigger your settings to be saved correctly.