Gamepad and Keyboard Controls

These are the default gamepad and keyboard controls for Say the Spire. The gamepad controls by default match what the game uses. for information on Virtual Input and Keyboard Support, go here.

Game and Mod General Controls

ActionController (xbox/ps)Keyboard
movement (menus, general UI)d-pad or left stickarrow keys
top panel, delete save slotx/squaret
proceed, rename save slot, toggle ascension modey/trianglee
master deck view, decrease ascension levellb/l1d
Draw pile view/some other contextual optionslt/l2q
Exhaust pile, Singing Bowl hp increase, increase ascension levelrb/r1f
Discard pile/some contextual optionsrt/r2w
buffers, map, and settings slidersright stickcontrol arrows
Map, save slots (from main menu), general back optionselectm

Info Controls

You can press control in combination with another key to quickly read additional information about the player or general game state. These controls are only available for keyboard and more will be added in future updates. To see the health of the player for example, use ctrl+h.

Current Blockctrl b
Current Goldctrl g
Healthctrl h
Energyctrl y
Summarized intents (total incoming damage)ctrl i
detailed intents (read all monster intents)alt i
Current Act Bossctrl n